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Wartungsarbeiten am 04.03.2014 16:00 Uhr MEZ

Everquest 2 - SOE Wartungsarbeiten
Everquest 2 – SOE Wartungsarbeiten

Der EverQuest 2 Server Valor wird Dienstag, den 04.03.2014 um 16:00 Uhr für eine Serveraktualisierung heruntergefahren.

Laut Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) wird die vorgesehene Stillstandszeit etwa 2 Stunden betragen.

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Aktualisierungsbemerkungen (Update Notes)

Im EverQuest 2 Forum wurden folgende Infos zur Aktualisierung des Spiels veröffentlicht.

Channelers can now be made Heroic!
Brewday event begins March 6th!
Corrected an issue where players not at the level cap would gain adventure EXP when their AA slider was set to 100% and they were capped on AAs.
Temple of Veeshan: Guardian’s Edifice
  • The generals encounter should no longer have a chance of spawning the adds from the encounter after the encounter has reset or been defeated.
  • Upgraded dropped items from Zlandicar. Previously looted items will not be automatically updated.
  • Zlandicar has become more formidable.
  • Zlandicar will now drop 2 Mystical Gems when defeated.
  • Klandicar will now drop 1 Mystical Gem when defeated.
  • Klandicar’s Blackbow adds should be more predictable in regards to the Sky Barrier spells.
  • When protected by Sky Barrier the player should get a text feedback message letting them know they are protected.
  • When unprotected by Sky Barrier the player should get a text feedback message letting them know they have lost the protection.
  • When Destruction of the Wastes is triggered a message should now be given to the raid with who triggered it. This will only happen for the first person who triggered the effect.


Pets will now benefit from stats granted byspecial effects.

  • Disheartening Descant will now properly reduce the target encounters lethality in PvP combat.


  • Planar Burst no longer incorrectly states that the target needs to be inflicted with Planar Wrack successfully cast.


  • Nature walk can once again be cast in PvP combat.


  • Recipes for Reuse adornments are now correctly named reuse to match the product they produce.


  • A reversion charm has been added to Veasna in Falinpol that may be used to revert the Torque of Divine Inspiration to its ungemmed state, and return a Sparkling Prismatic Gemstone to your inventory.
  • Gems attached to the Torque of Divine Inspiration after this change will not be eligible for this refund.
  • The Finisher and The Finisher II will now properly apply as potency.
  • The Finisher and The Finisher II now activate when the target is below 50% health.
  • The Finisher is now 75% potency when active and passively grants 40% potency to attacks all the time.
  • The Finisher II is now 100% potency when active and passively grants 50% potency to attacks all the time.
  • The Spell Weaver now can trigger once every 30 seconds and lasts for 24 seconds.
  • Loyalist’s Vesspyrian Bandolier can now correctly be used by Brawlers.
  • The Dark Protector will now properly apply all of its effects to group members.
  • Flowing Invigoration II now properly applies when receiving a Mana Flow.
  • Sparkling Fabled Gemstone will now drop twice as often.


Evil Channelers can now start the Dismal Rage quest series in The City of Freeport.
Battleground leaderboards should now display the appropriate icon for Channelers.

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